Does Your House Need A Face-Lift?

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No matter how impressive your d├ęcor, fixtures or flooring are, faded and worn-out paint can make your house feel old and run-down. If you're ready for new colors or want to make your house look new again, S.K. Painting, LLC can help. We offer painting services in the Jenison, Ada and Cascade, MI areas and will work with you to update your home. Just let us know what colors you want and point to the surfaces you need painted, and our residential painter will get to work.

Schedule exterior or interior painting services by contacting us today. We also offer power & pressure washing services!

Choose a painter that can paint any surface

When you're painting your home or office, the last thing you want is to find out your painter can't finish the entire job. Turn to S.K. Painting-rest assured that we'll take care of your project from start to finish. Our commercial and residential painter can...

Complete standard interior wall painting, including ceilings, trim and doors
Provide exterior painting services for your siding, deck or concrete surfaces
Paint or stain cabinets and add varnish or clear coats to protect wood surfaces

We also provide power washing services if you need to clean your exterior of dirt, grime or algae. Contact us at 616-295-4489 to find out more.

Why hire S.K. Painting?

Plenty of mistakes can happen during even the most basic painting job. Make sure you hire a painter you can depend on. S.K. Painting has been providing painting services for years and will take the time to paint your home or office properly. You can rest assured that we will...

Prepare each surface properly by repairing minor damage and performing any necessary sanding, caulking, scraping, priming or spackling work
Cover the surfaces that aren't being painted to make sure any potential spills or drips don't damage your property
Clean up all of our materials when the job is finished to make it look like we were never even there

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